Thursday, 17 September 2009

Penhill Point. North Devon

The River Taw was my playground as a child. I roamed from Black Rock to Penhill Point, and on as far as Instow.

I spent a lot of time skimming stones over the fast water. I often wondered if I could get one to skip all the way to Appledore.

I never did get a stone to cross the estuary, but I often make it there. It's a beautiful place and I'm so pleased to be included in the Book Festival.

Penhill Point

This is where
my tiny glass-cut feet
scurried over
the popping weeds,
to the water's edge
at the coming
of the sea.

Each foot-splash
would stir-up
a cloud
of muddy brown.

To this place still
my wild heart
flies -
beating hard
and happy...
like the countless
I once skimmed

Why not join me over the water at the Appledore Book Festival? You'll love it!


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