Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Aggressive Poets

After listening to critics.

Don't be unkind to eccentric bards:
be too quick
to revile, or mentally hang.
Form can be misleading.

Yes, some poets can appear elusive,
like part
of an endangered pod...
All don't have thick skins.

They could become the banished ones:
they who may look at you sideways,
shielded by heavy eyelids,
from a dark corner of a room

and morph quietly into the all-seeing:
savage hunters who'd remove
your brutal tongues
and pop your bloody eyes out,

given half a chance.
Lamentably, they are the creators
who have suffered greatly
in life.

Somewhere along their given path
they have established
that all life is not sacred -
and they and the elephants
will never forget it!

I look forward to seeing you at the Appledore Book Festival. September 26th - October 4th. '09.

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