Thursday, 17 September 2009

Heard At The Troubadour

Listening to Michael Horovitz. 16th August 2008.

Jazz and poetry are closely linked.
Many of the Beat poets wrote
is if they were playing jazz:
Charlie Parker played in their heads.
Line length was according to breath length,
just like a sax player
would stack his phrasings.

I had the honour of performing
with the great Michael Horovitz,
our own Beat master,
at the famous Troubadour Club
in London in '08.
Here's an impression
of a section of that evening:

Jazz enters...
Jazz need not
come loud -
blown from a big swing
like Basie's.

Jazz comes
much smaller too:
bite size and
still blue.

One man
can blow jazz.
Blow sweet
and improvise
on some old tin horn,
and attachments.
Blow some sweet jazz
and read poems -
Blake meets Bebop!

Horovitz hums
through his under-cover
He moans.
He groans.
He makes all the tones.
He gets down
to the bone
on his -

I hope to see you at the Appledore Book Festival. Let's talk music and poetry!


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