Friday, 18 September 2009

Going On In My Head

Heads are funny things: perched up there on top of the body; exposed to the elements and open for everyone to see. How can we truly hide our emotions? Our faces show them all. Heads have such a lot going on in them too. You'll notice a lot of heads at the Appledore Book Festival. Come and have a look at them; see if you can guess what's going on inside. It's a great sport.

When last I visited
my strange Aunt Tilda,
she looked at me
with a stare
that could've killed a
galloping horse.

What was she thinking?
What did I do?
Why did she pierce
my poor head through?

What did she hear?
What did she see?
What did she visualize
my face to be?

Was I Martian?
Was I a priest?
Was I a big loaf
expanding with yeast?

Was I something
quite horrendous
- and red?
Or, was everything
I imagined,
not going on in her head?

Please bring your head along to the Appledore Book Festival. I'd like to have a look at it.

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