Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Talented Losers

Colin Shaddick and Sexton Ming

Colin Shaddick and Sexton Ming have joined forces and released a book of poetry and some very odd short stories. The title of their book is 'Talented Losers'. The chapbook will be launched in London on the 18th April 2010.

Sexton Ming is a cult poet, painter and musician. He was born in Gravesend and tells the world that he was diagnosed as suffering from 'Thick Disease'. As a result of that shocking discovery, he now has to consume copious amounts of 'Brainy Pills' to compensate for this intrusive impediment.

At the tender age of 16, Sexton applied for a place on a foundation course at the Medway School of Art and Design, but was deemed unsuitable and was refused entry.

Sexton has appeared on over 20 LPs and CDs. He has been widely published. His musical and poetic output is unique. For more information about Sexton please go to:

Colin Shaddick is a poet, musician, singer/songwriter and cartoonist. He has been widely published and his songs are regularly played on various radio stations. For more information about Colin please click on my 'inclusifolk' website link below.

Jotting Without Blotting

I sometimes compose
little poems that rhyme.
It's an amusing way
to pass the time.

But after several years
of free-form jotting
I no longer want my book,
or its copy, blotting.

The difficult part
in writing poems, for me,
is deciding where
the end should be.

It's so different when
one writes stuff in prose:
there's plenty of time
to plan just where it goes.



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