Monday, 15 February 2010

No Formaldehyde Required

There is a new and creative art wave crashing through the many dull offices and work spaces of this country. Anyone with desk room and access to the internet can take part.

And there's no need to worry. This new art form carries little risk. It is almost completely safe. There are no nasty chemicals or dangerous glass cases involved in the making of, or in the displaying of this art. The danger lies in the possibility of being caught in the creative process, by your line manager or supervisor!

You need to ask yourself this one question: 'Am I willing to suffer for my art?' You must remember that everything comes at a price and the price of making this art could be too high for someone who has been newly appointed to an office. I would say to them, "Hang on. See what's what. Settle in for a while and then have a go at it a bit later on."

The photograph of the first piece of this new art (see above) was sent to me by its quirky creator . He is a reclusive type of person and works from his small studio in Barnstaple. He told me that the title for this ground-breaking work is: 'Sheepishly typing.'

He went on to explain the meaning of the work: "It's about farming, really and the way that farmers have to do so much paper work. It's also about the tagging of farm animals. Farm animals have to be tagged from ear to toe these days. There's hardly a clear space on them left. They look like mobile advertising boards. One day the animals will turn into plastic. Then we'll turn into plastic, because we eat those farm animals. We are what we eat, you know."

Well, it is an honour for me to present this new art here today. This could be the beginning of a new age of enlightenment. I'd be interested to know what you think of it and if you will be creating your own work in the future.


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