Monday, 18 January 2010

'Stuck' in Barnstaple

People often ask me what Stuckism is all about and whether there is a need for such a movement in North Devon. My answer to that is, ‘How do you perceive contemporary art? Does it have a positive or negative affect on your senses? The answer to these questions will give you a direction.’ Here’s how it appears to me:

Stuckism is pro contemporary figurative painting with ideas.

Stuckists vigorously promote painting as a vital visual art form and an antidote to the current commercial cancer. Stuckists have an equal commitment to writing, poetry and music too.

The Barnstaple Stuckists is a DIY movement of independent artists, who agree on a core philosophy, but are free to make individual interpretations of that philosophy.

The Barnstaple Stuckists objectives are to help bring about the downfall of Post Modernism; to undermine the inflated price structure of some British art and instigate a spiritual renaissance in art and society in general.

The Barnstaple Stuckists believe that art exhibitions should not always be confined to the oft sterile surrounds of an art gallery and that poetry readings and music should be more accessible to the public.

The Barnstaple Stuckists also realize that living in a county such as Devon, with little or no decent public transport system and the prohibitive cost of fuel, it is impossible for many low paid workers, pensioners and the unemployed to get to a town or city to experience 'art'.

The Barnstaple Stuckists say art exhibitions, poetry readings and small music concerts should be held in individual homes too. They believe the surroundings in which art is experienced should not be artificial or vacuous. They want to show people that real art/entertainment still exists and it is right there, waiting to be discovered, under their noses.

For more information about the Stuckist movement, go to:


* With thanks to the 'Stuckists' website and the 'Guerrilla Stuckists' website.

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